Rescue And Rehoming Persian And Other Pedigree Cats

Strawberry Persian and Pedigree Cat Rescue is a charity that helps rescue and rehome any pedigree-looking cat. We are a specialist rescue and we have taken in and rehomed cats from all over England and Wales. We are all unpaid volunteers and we cannot continue our work without your help, by donating, fostering and adopting from Strawberry. Cats Available are under the Cat tab above.

We are all unpaid part time volunteers with a passion to help pedigree-looking cats in need of vet care or a new home. We help many cats we are told other rescues have refused to help. If you want to give up a pedigree cat please email for a form or see ones on this website and email to us.

The adoption fees for the young cats help our work with the old, disabled or cats needing vet care/surgery. Please note we rehome mainly indoor only cats and not with children under 6 (please read about us, also adoption process, etc before applying). If you want to adopt, then please in the first instance email for a form to apply to adopt, rather than phone, (see email above) as we do not have enough resource to cover the phone for most of the day and some days have too many messages to return.

All cats from Strawberry rescue are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and wormed, groomed, and claws trimmed. Also, if needed, blood tests, dentals, etc. They get adopted with 5 weeks free insurance plus bed or scratch pad, toys and litter tray. You also get adoption and integration support. Cats must come back to us at any time in their lives if you cannot keep them.

We may have volunteer/s to take cats to adopter (adopter funds petrol), but that is completely dependant on their availability around their own lives.

We help all breeds of pedigree cat including Persians, Persian Exotics, Maine Coons, Ragdolls, Birmans, Burmese, Devon Rex, Siberian, Turkish Angora, Nebulong, Siamese, Tonkinese, British Blue and other colours of British Shorthair, Russian Blue, Orientals but we do not take or place Bengal cats. We like cats in our care to be in foster homes not cattery facilities.

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