Archie (saved from Qatar) went to live with Candice (the neglect Maine Coon we helped and took 4 months to be well enough to rehome). They have the most perfect parents there who love and cherish them. It is hearwarming to hear their stories of Archie being a little lovebug but nutcase – being upside down in […]


Cotton was saved by Melda in the middle east and she loved him and prepared him to escape the heat and humidity there. Strawberry happily waited for Cotton to come and helped part fund, special boy and found him a wonderful home with a mom of his very own. He came bounding with energy and so healthy! His […]


Whitney the beautiful grey BSH has been rehomed and has a lovely new mum and dad in her forever home. She is an ABSOLUTE lovebug and was rehomed very quickly due to how quickly her new parents became infatuated with her!


LOKI the huge maine coon boy’s new mom wrote a wonderful moving note to his previous mom and family the day after his adoption. We knew they were the perfect match. Giving up a beloved cat can be heartbreaking but look how much joy it has brought by reading this… Pls could you post or message or […]