Jess and Pickles

Jessica and Pickles, both saved from Qatar and now settled and happy…together. Pickles was a little cat saved from cruelty in Qatar by Melda and Strawberry.  His start in life was awful, his face was hacked and burning oil poured over him.  With lots of medical care and TLC he recovered and miraculously still has […]


Emmy came to us as she became very unsettled, children arrived and then a puppy. Rather than pass the dog, she would soil herself in fear and hide. She just wanted a quiet home again to give love and get love again with no loud noises. Her family loved her very much and asked for […]


Tickles was the most chilled cat and soooo friendly! She now lives with a dog who eats out of her paw. Her mom says this is a new sleeping position! Tickles was adopted in October 2015 to a loving family with a child and a dog. Before she was given to us she had only lived in […]


Pandy really hasn’t changed much since I first picked him up from you guys back in October 2015 apart from getting more and more loving each day. He didn’t purr at first and barely meowed but now he has the most beautiful deep purr and talks to me especially when it’s dinner time! Pandabear – […]