Céleste has taken over the best seat in the house! She is amazing! Came out of hiding within minutes of my mum’s turning up for a visit and adopted her on the spot as a play slave! A friend came to visit from Paris and was enrolled on the spot too. Currently chilling at my […]

Cuddles (now Rhubarb)

Cuddles (now Rhubarb)’s lovely mum told our institution, “just thought I’d let you know Rhubarb is getting on really well. He’s made himself right at home now. He’s healthy and happy, he has the run AROUND most of the house and curls up with me at night. He’s just adorable and full of love!”


CRUMPET was rehomed with his blind and deaf sister.. do you remember we had eye surgery done on both her eyes ? Jack was mom to them during recovery. Muffin and Crumpet went to an amazing new home with wonderful parents. Do you all remember piccies of Crumpet in Jacks beds and Jack sat by […]


WILLOW happy ever after. Saved by strawberry with our close friend from Qatar and a lovely little adoring cutie. She went with her bed, toys, litter tray and carrier she became attached to with us, toys and food. She recovered from her spay well and never stopped playing. She will have the joy of her own […]