Snuggles from Qatar truly has an amazing mom collected her. Snuggles truly never purred so much in her life… she threw herself on her back and ADORED her new mom. Her mom adored her and Bobbin loved her too and got live. Snuggles mom was so compassionate and caring. We hope Bobbin may have a home up North. We are […]


Duke was saved from the Middle East – Qatar.  He waited a long time for a new home! Laura and her mum love him and he loves them.  Who could not resist such a cheeky character who stole and ate a whole bag of non-grain whole meat treats this morning!  Laura’s mum has 3 Siamese […]


SPARKLES who will be adored with parents working at home lots and completely cat proofing including to of balcony. Safe indoors as she is used to. She has never known outdoor. Well done strawberry volunteers for your hard work and adopters who adored her and wanted a rescue cat!


RUBY saved from the Middle East working with our friend. Needed to see an eye specialist but thankfully all was ok, she just chooses to not open her eyes fully – no cause could be found and no surgery needed. Now happy and saved from the streets there.