VICTORIA the lovebug playful bundle of joy .. Her and Whitney have made us fall in love with BSH and of course Merlot etc before them and now the kittens! Her new mom says, “Just to let you know that Rubi (formerly Victoria) has settled very well into our home!” 😻😻😻


Mellie the babies mum is loving playing and being a kitten herself now. Putting on weight as she got too thin with 6 big kittens. Much adored. Integration with her sister has been delayed for a couple or so weeks as her feline sister got cystitis before they even did scent swap so Zylkene 75 is being […]


Harley came in a couple months back and was adopted almost instantly. A lovely woman became instantly infatuated with him and, after his vet check, picked him up and has given him his forever home. Harley another strawberry golden oldie with a fab home! His mum said  Harley loves cuddles and is always in the […]


A beautiful girl who Strawberry saved from being put down. She is 6 years old and has issues with some of her organs, but her new mummy absolutely loves her and will help her deal with her problems. She was with strawberry for many months and her adoption fee was only £75 but due to […]