Jackson lives with another Strawberry rescue cat called Loki. Jackson is a huge Maine Coon boy and Loki is a white Persian boy. The huge Maine Coon boy had a grade 3 heart murmur and came to Strawberry as he was a bully with other bossy Maine Coon girls. We made sure we stuck to […]


Kaya, a beautiful girl saved from Qatar has a new mom! Kaya said a blonde mom who has blue eyes matches her.. Kaya has one blue and one orange eye! Marta (her new mom) is lovely on the inside and outside, she donated as well as buying a Marilyn snuggly blanket, some cat catnip toys […]


Millicent a 10 year old part BSH cream tabby arrived at Strawberry in July. She was saved from being homeless as her family were moving and couldn’t take her with them. We were told no one else could take her in and as older, and part pedigree, she was likely to need blood tests to […]


Brendan now Newton was only 2 years old when he found himself in need a new home. His dad was not well and his family with all their commitments were not sure about grooming etc … Poor Brendan became very matted and his skin was sore. Newtons mum and dad who are now part of […]