Hector and Harry

Hector and Harry… Lady died with a lot of unneutered pedigree cats all over.. in garden and everywhere.. Many in poor condition. We are told the big national charities who got the house and funds took the persian kittens.. we funded Sue to go hundreds of miles every week as they were trapped to come […]


Hollie a 9 year old mainecoon cross was returned to strawberry a couple of times, She was with us a while but we werent going to give up finding her perfect match, we could all see how special this girl is and just wanted someone to see whst we saw in her. Hollie found that […]


Up date from felixs nes mum felix is doing well and really getting into the swing of being a permanent resident. He and Gunnie continue to be best mates ( see attached picture of them having an afternoon snooze) and as Gunnie has grown from young kitten to older kitten it has been lovely to […]


EKO was saved with quite a lot of other very poorly pedigree cats left scavaging in gardens after their mom died. We understood a national animal big group who were named in the will and another said no to all those who seemed ill, with snots or runs etc.. but all pedigree kittens they did […]