Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic finally get a wonderful indoor only home with no children and no dogs! Most people wanted us to split them up as they only wanted the blue Gin not black Tonic  but all smiles now ! . Earlier in September it looked as if they would get adopted but sadly the adopter pulled out right […]


OJ when to a home with his friend Vodka but they sadly had to be separated as they did not get on with each other and OJ much preferred being an only cat, so he could get all of the attention from his new mummies! Sadly, OJ and Vodka’s mummy, Beebee passed away and strawberry […]


ROSIE came in during 2016 as part of a huge group of 10 female BSHs, generally in poor condition. Couple with infected or huge wombs of pus, sore skin, upset tummies. 9 could be saved and lucky Rosie was one of them. All 9 who could be saved got wonderful adopters. Rosie’s mum donated the […]

Poppy and Shadow

POPPY and SHADOW were strawberries rehomed 3 years ago. Both huge now! Who would have thought their new parents are like family to us now! We are very lucky to have them in our life! They are coming all the way from Cardiff at the weekend to visit !! And helping Jack move some rescue […]